Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Italy 1 at Camberwell

We went to Italy 1 at Camberwell for dinner on a Tuesday night and we were very surprised to see the restaurant full. That is always a good sign that the food is good. The ambiance at Italy 1 was warm and welcoming and the service was friendly.

We ordered Duck Ragu Risotto, fish of the day which is the Salmon with Fennel Salad and pasta of the day which is Gnocchi with Pork Ragu. The gnocchi was full of flavour. The salmon was cooked to perfection; crispy skin and just pink inside. The duck risotto(sorry, no photo) was good texture and nice flavour. For dessert, we had Chocolate Pudding with Hazelnut Ice Cream, Ice Cream and Sorbet and Lemon Tart with Yoghurt Sorbet. We enjoyed our dinner very much and would come back again.

The pasta of the day was gnocchi with pork ragu. 

The fish of the day was salmon with fennel salad and anchovies. 

The chocolate pudding with hazelnut ice cream.

The lemon tart with yoghurt sorbet had enough lemony taste and the torched sugar on the top added texture to the creamy tart. 

The ice cream and sorbets were fresh and had a little surprise at the bottom; crushed praline.

The total bill came up to $135. We used the entertainment card which entitled us a main meal for free. So the final total bill came up to $111. 

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