Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Phillip Island

The kids are having their term holidays. Initially, we were going to go skiing but there has not been good snow falls. Last week, no lifts were operating on the mountains which means not enough snow for skiing. So we went to Phillip Island instead, which is just 1.5 hours away from Melbourne. What's there in Phillip Island? There's the penguin parade, fishing, seals colony, grand prix circuit(for motorbike), koala conservation park and other attractions.

On the way there, we visited the Australian Garden in Cranbourne. These are pictures of it.

The peligans at San Remo, before crossing the bridge over to Phillip Island. They are creatures of habit, arriving everyday at 12 noon to be fed.

The views from our hotel. So serene and peaceful.

The jetty where we tried to fish from. We did not catch any fish. My oldest son is keen on fishing and prefers the jetty to a fish farm where the only way not to catch a fish is if your fishing rod is out of the water.

Some excitement for the day. Go kart racing. This was fun. We went round the circuit for 10 minutes and going at a speed of 45kph. That might seem slow in a normal car but on these go karts, it feels fast.

This is an amazing place(Amaze N Things), full of interesting things and illussions.


Argus Lou said...

Love those pelicans. Have become a lakebird-watcher ever since I moved here near a huge lake.
I like your comment on fishing. ;-)