Flaky Curry Puff

These curry puffs produces a layered flaky pastry. It is so yummy. As you can see from the photo, these curry puffs are made with two types of dough which is similar to puff pastry.

Sugar Paste Rose

I am making some roses for the topper for a Mother's Day cake. This was inspired by a cake made by my 80-year old cake decorator teacher.

Sambal Prawns

Sambal Prawns or Sambal Udang is a Malaysian dish with chilli paste and tomatoes to cool the spiciness.

Happy Birthday

My husband's birthday is this week. So I've made him this Chocolate Almond Birthday Cake. It turned out almost like a chocolate mud cake. But it's lighter and moist but still rich.

Raspberry Sorbet

Raspberry sorbet is a frozen dessert made from sweetened water, flavored with raspberry puree (or juice), wine, and/or liqueur.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day Cake

I don't get a lot of chances to fully decorate a cake. Unless it is for a celebration, I prefer to eat my cake plain and simple. So of course, for Mother's Day, I took the opportunity to use my newly acquired cake decoration knowledge. Remember the sugar paste roses that I made, I've used them here. I've made a variation of what I've been taught, ie covering whole cake with fondant. You see, all of us do not like the taste of fondant. Too sweet for my taste! Even my kids who like sweet things find that fondant is too sweet. So what can I cover my cake with and still use sugar paste decoration? Well, I layered and covered the cake with white chocolate ganache. Only layering the top with a very very thin fondant to form a base for the cake topper. When I say very very thin, I mean like one mm thin.

After a long search for a chocolate cake recipe that I like, I've finally found it. It's a personal thing. Some might like it, some might not. For example, chocolate mud cake is too heavy for me. I like sponge cake and chiffon cake but that is too light and fluffy to decorate it with a topper. This is the recipe that I used. It is lighter than a chocolate mud cake. What's the verdict? Well, it was a hit with everyone.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mums around the world.