Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Inside Out Sushi

Sushi is one of our favourite food. My kids can go through lots of it which I am happy about since it is healthy and full of Omega 3(salmon). My son's homework this week was to cook a healthy meal with the family and document the process and he suggested sushi. I have made sushi a few times and I've always made the normal ones with the nori sheet on the outside. Have you ever wondered how they make the inside out sushi? I have and this is my first time making the inside out sushi. I learned this from the Nintendo DS game, Cooking Guide. Far out, eh?

The way to do this is putting a cling wrap on the bamboo roller and then spread the rice on it. Roll the ingredient with the nori sheet and place this on top of the rice and roll like normal sushi. Remove the cling wrap after the sushi is cut. Ta da! I use the packet sushi powder to flavour the rice instead of making my own vinegar and sugar mixture.


Argus Lou said...

Delightful! Neat, pretty and delicious looking goodies. You're really good with your hands, hor? Can you play the piano too?

myfoodsafari said...

Argus, they are delicious but not that even (some are fatter and taller than others). I always wanted to follow our pianist friend's footstep but unfortunately cannot play lah.