Friday, April 25, 2008

Sugar Paste Roses

I am making some roses for the topper for a Mother's Day cake. This was inspired by a cake made by my cake decorator teacher. My cake decorator class is taught by an 80 years old woman. Yeah, you have read correctly. She is an amazing woman. She takes only 2 classes per week. She still makes cakes for customers whilst looking after her 90 years old husband who just recently has an operation. She has a perfect eye sight and a very good memory. I am just a bit more than half her age but my eye sight is deteriorating and memory is not as good as hers. That is why I need to document these steps.

Start of with coloring some sugar paste. The center of the rose is normally darker than the outer petals. So as you work your way to the outer petals, lighten the color of the sugar paste.

Start off with this and pinch the sides of the sugar paste to make a shape of a flag. This process is call flagging. Use a roller to thin the edges.

What just happened? It was pink and now it's white? This photo turned out to be the best. That's why I'm using it. There is no magic.

Then roll the "flags" to get this result. This has to dry for at least a day before proceeding.

For the next layer, use a cutter and cut three petals. Use modelling tool to shape the petals. Turn the tip of each petal slightly and glue it onto the center of the rose. Let this dry for at least 30 minutes before proceeding.

For the next layer use a bigger cutter and cut five petals. A spoons is useful to shape these petals. Glue the petals around the rose and slip the last petal inside the first petal on this layer.

Let the rose dry for at least 1 hour before putting on the calyx. Dust some color powder on the calyx to bring out the color. Steam the the flowers to bring it to live.


Argus Lou said...

That's just beautiful!
It reminded me of my childhood making crepe roses and such handicraft.
Now I don't have the patience, but I'm glad you're getting into it.

Kim said...

argus: Thanks. I must be catching up on my childhood and creative side.

petite fleur said...

These are gorgeous. I'm just not very good with my hands so I doubt I can do anything close to what you have done. Really beautiful.

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Kim said...

petite fleur: Thanks. It's a form of meditation for me. Love reading your blog.

fatboybakes said...

wow, i definitely would have no patience for this kinda high tech handicraft. i've seen you around before...where? must be someone's blog. i link you ok.

fatboybakes said...

oops, i must be getting old. of course i've been here before, i recognised the frog and macaroons immediately. must have forgotten to link you earlier.

My Food Safari said...

fbb, how's the wilton course going? Did you complete the sugar paste one?

linneaskakerogcatering said...

kjempe flotte roser, lurer bare på om du kan forklare hvordan en damper på sukkerpasta