Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Frogs?

It's Easter and I have a surprise for my kids. They've been very supportive and excited about my cake decoration journey. I'm making Easter eggs for them. I'm not make the chocolate eggs. I made the sugar paste boat and Easter frogs. They were full of praises when they saw them today. The frog is made from modelling paste and a pinch of gum tragacanth. This is to make it dry faster. For this amount of modelling paste, I added 1 quarter teaspoon of gum tragacanth. The color paste was added and kneaded in before modelling. After it is dry, I glazed the frog with edible glaze (gum arabic - 1 part gum arabic with 1 part water).


Argus Lou said...

Your Easter frog is so cute. It's a welcome change from bunnies. ^_^